Allied Health Assistants (AHA)

What is an Allied Health Assistant?

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Allied Health Assistants (AHA) are individuals who work under the supervision of health care professionals, often within the NDIS framework to provide therapeutic and program-related supports.

AHAs provide direct client care across multiple disciplines such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology and exercise physiology to name a few. AHAs are also qualified professionals who have either completed, or are currently studying a Certificate III or Certificate IV at a minimum.

What are the benefits of using an Allied Health Assistant?

At LiveBig we recommend utilising our AHAs to get more out of your NDIS plan. By pairing your support from our Allied Health professionals with an AHA you’ll have the best team behind you and extend the hours of service you can receive. Within Occupational Therapy for example an AHA, as directed by the supervising Occupational Therapist will:

Implement self-care retraining programs as prescribed by the supervising occupational therapist

  • Order/provide and demonstrate basic equipment
  • Follow through positioning and/or splinting regimes as prescribed by the supervising occupational therapist
  • Energy conservation/falls prevention/hip precautions/personal alarms advice as per occupational therapist’s recommendations
  • Continue therapy programs as per occupational therapist’s recommendations
  • Assist in joint treatment sessions where a second staff member is required
  • Complete home modification/Quick Cad drawings as per occupational therapist’s specifications
  • Conduct patient/client activity groups under the direction of the occupational therapist.

Having an AHA delivering the above services under the supervision of an Occupational Therapist means you’ll get the best of both worlds. This allows the AHA to focus on the delivery and execution of the general services, and allows the Occupational Therapist to focus on delivering your more intensive supports. Having this arrangement ensures you are getting a high quality service delivery, and your specific needs are being met as cost effectively as possible.

When should I consider utilising an Allied Health Assistant?

What services do we provide?

While there is no hard and fast rule about when to use an AHA, at LiveBig every referral is assessed by the clinical team to determine whether AHA support is appropriate. That way, you can rest assured if we suggest including an AHA in your service delivery, the recommendation has come from a qualified professional.

If you’re still unsure of the benefits an AHA can provide you, or if you have any questions, contact us today and our friendly team of clinicians will be more than happy to help.

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