International Asperger’s Day

International Asperger’s Day is celebrated on the 18th of February each year. The day aims to raise awareness, break down the stigmas that continue to surround the condition and highlight the challenges individuals diagnosed with Asperger’s.

What is Asperger’s syndrome?

Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental disorder and is part of the broader category of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Individuals with ASD typically have difficulties with social communication, fixated interests and repetitive behaviours. Those with Asperger’s syndrome are considered to be ‘high functioning’ and generally have an IQ in the mid to high range and good language skills, but despite this they can sometimes find communicating with others to be a little challenging.

People with Asperger’s can often:

  • Struggle to express themselves
  • Find it hard to understand social and verbal cues
  • Find it hard to work out what others might be thinking
  • Stick to a routine or repeat certain behaviours
  • Focus intense interest on one particular topic
  • Be sensitive to bright light or loud sounds
  • Have difficulty empathizing  with others and may seem insensitive
  • Have difficulty with non-verbal communication (e.g. reduced eye contact, reduced variation of facial expressions, body postures and gestures)

Practical therapies like occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology and speech pathology can assist both children and adults living with Asperger’s. At LiveBig, we help people live their best lives through our specialist therapy and assessment services. Our LiveBig therapists work with their clients and the important people their lives to create a personalised therapy plan to reach their goals.

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