International Asperger’s Day

Boy with aspergers in playground

What is Asperger’s syndrome?

Asperger’s syndrome is often considered to be a high-functioning form of autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD). While it can cause delayed social maturity and reasoning in children, people with Asperger’s may have higher than average intelligence and verbal skills.

People with Asperger’s can:

  • Find it difficult expressing themselves
  • Find it hard understanding emotional issues
  • Find it tricky understanding social and verbal cues
  • Struggle making eye contact
  • Like sticking to a rigid routine
  • Focus intense interest on one particular topic
  • Be sensitive to bright lights or loud sounds

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Practical therapies like occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology and speech pathology can assist both children and adults living with Asperger’s.

What is International Asperger’s Day?

International Asperger’s Day is celebrated on the 18th of February each year. The day aims to raise awareness about the condition, educate the general population and highlight the challenges people with Asperger’s face.


There are many resources for people who want to find out more about Asperger’s syndrome:

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