As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we at LiveBig want to take a moment to celebrate the love our employees have for their jobs. We reached out to some of our team members, and here’s what they had to say about why they love working at LiveBig.


“Not only do I get to work with fabulous and passionate people every day, but we also get to do amazing things with our clients!” 

Emma Thomas, Area Manager, LiveBig, QLD


“The support & guidance from my Area Manager! I also value the team culture & wealth of experience, across all 3 states & companies.” 

Karen Lochran, Team Leader, LiveBig, QLD


“The people – they are so warm and inviting, and there’s a real collegiality amongst everyone!”  

Melanie Gallagher, Area Manager, LiveBig, WA


“The support and encouragement of innovation.”

Jess Pitt, Team Leader, Social Work, LiveBig, QLD


“Definitely the workplace culture and the approach they take to ensure the best quality of care for their clients. The Arriba Group is all about people, whether it be taking care of the people who work in each of its companies, the people we support, or even the people and stakeholders who are important and relevant to our clients lives. What more can I ask for at this stage as a budding new clinician?”

Henry Tran, Consultant, Speech Pathology, LiveBig, NSW


“I’ve been working with the Arriba Group for less than a month, but the amazing culture has really stood out to me. I immediately knew that this is an environment where employees feel valued, supported, and inspired to grow both personally and professionally,”  

Fay Whyte, Consultant, Behavioural Support, LiveBig, WA


“The best thing about working at Arriba Group is the team spirit. Everybody helps and learns from each other.” 

Camila Santarosa, Assistant Manager, Occupational Therapy, LiveBig, NSW


This Valentine’s Day let’s not only focus on romantic love but also on the love we share within our workplace. Happy Valentine’s Day from the LiveBig family!