What is your role at LiveBig?

My main role to our customers is to assist the participant and their support network to make informed decisions in their process of implementing therapy supports that are appropriate and necessary for the participant to achieve their NDIS goals.


Why did you choose this career?

Ultimately, my purpose is to be in a career where I can utilise my skills and strengths to help our vulnerable people in the community. By understanding the needs of our customers in today’s growing market, I can fill the gaps between a provider and those individuals who need our services the most. I hope that through my work I will be able to minimise the challenges that our participants and their support network face when implementing the right supports to help them live their best life.


What do you like about your role?

What I like the most is the fulfillment that I feel each day knowing that we could help a lot of people live a quality life through our work. Knowing that everyday LiveBig serves a genuine purpose where we demonstrate our individual and company values, work as a team with our combined skills and collective effort towards our ultimate and common goal of enhancing the health and welfare of the participants we support.


What are the most important qualities of this position?

  • The ability to be collaborative and encourage collaboration is one.
  • Relationship building is highly important with genuine intentions to serve.
  • Energy and focus to keep delivering what are expected with consistency and efficiency both internal and external stakeholders.


Tell us a story about a time where you’ve been proud to help someone.

I received a call from a customer with mental health issues who had been trying to call other companies but had received no response. I let her talk and I listened, we were on the phone for nearly an hour because I could sense the stress and anxiety she was feeling when she wasn’t getting any assistance and attention. I believe that people sometimes just need someone who will listen to lighten up the load.

At LiveBig, it is my role to listen to our clients and provide them the guidance and best help we can possibly give. I discovered that she had not applied for funding through the NDIS, so I explained the purpose of the scheme and discussed her eligibility. I connected her to the NDIS so they could help her through the application process. Afterwards I gave her a follow up call to check how she went with the NDIS. She still remembered my name and was so happy and thankful for the help she received as she’d previously had no support. The appreciation I received from this customer is something I treasure and what keeps me motivated in my role.  

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