Meet the Team: Valentina Alvarez Velasquez (QLD)

LiveBig is pleased to introduce Valentina Alvarez Velasquez, a new team member in Queensland serving the Gold Coast region.

Valentina Alvarez Velasquez is set to join LiveBig in the Gold Coast area, and we will welcome her on board starting November 20th. As a Behaviour Support Practitioner in Queensland, Valentina brings a distinctive set of skills with a compassionate approach to her work.

Valentina’s extensive experience includes working as a support worker for children with various disabilities, with a particular focus on those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). She has also provided NDIS support coordination for individuals with mental health disabilities. This experience has given Valentina strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills, developed through years of interaction with patients and clients.

Valentina’s proficiency in collaborative teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration has been shaped by the medical rotations she has worked in across various specialties within a hospital. Valentina excels in conflict resolution, having faced challenging situations with paediatric and adult patients in both medical and social work contexts.

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