The portal is a more accessible and user-friendly way to: 

  • view your budget
  • see your plan information and personal details
  • make and manage claims (for self-managing participants)
  • see all claims against your budget
  • see messages and correspondence from the NDIA.

Watch this video for an overview of the new my NDIS portal.

Do I use my NDIS portal or the myplace portal? 

You will know if your plan is in the new computer system if:

  • You recently became an NDIS participant, receiving your first plan after 30 October 2023
  • Your plan comes to an end after 30 October 2023, and the NDIS is working with you to develop a new plan that is different to your last one
  • If you asked for changes to your plan and the NDIS needs to or is currently working with you to develop a new plan

If you do not yet have a plan in the NDIS new computer system, you should continue to use the myplace participant portal to see your plan and pay for your supports.

To help you understand how and when to access the NDIS participant portal and the myplace portal, you can watch this video.

How do I access the my NDIS portal? 

You can access the my NDIS portal through your myGov account.  

To learn more about how to access the my NDIS participant portal you can watch this video.

Want to know more?  

For more information, please visit the NDIS dedicated website by following the link here.