We have compiled a list of tips and tricks in this post, feel free to share it and let us know on our social media channels how you went with the hashtag #LiveBigAU.

#1 – Recycling Craft Project

Use cardboard boxes to make a rocket, a makeshift cubby house or really anything you can put your imagination to. To spice things up, you can use colour, paint and rip up old magazines to decorate the project. Our recommendation is to stick to a theme and work your way to build upon the story behind the object you are building. Imaginative play is great for brain development.

#2 – Popping Bubble Wrap

Use bubble wrap and start counting how many bubbles you and your child can pop. You can set a timer for 30 or 60 seconds and see if your child can improve the time it takes to pop a bubble. This will help with fine motor skills, coordination and can be quite a fun and calming activity.


#3 – Pipe Cleaner Threading

Idea number 3 involves some pipe cleaners and a colander available in most kitchens. The key here is to thread the pipe cleaner through the colander and make a few patterns intertwined throughout. Again, this will help in refining fine motor skills with the fingers.


#4 – Building Bricks

Building bricks are always a popular item and one can spend hours putting together and pulling apart bricks to form imaginative cities and spaces. The goal here can be for your child to start pulling apart different combination of bricks and then putting them back together again. The bright colours always prove to be popular and there are endless possibilities with regards to what you can build (and pull apart) together. This activity will help with grasp, strength, coordination and imaginative play for brain development.


#5 – Paperclip Party

Item number 5 on our list is the humble paperclip! Combine the paperclips and reshape them into whatever you can imagine! This will be help with fine motor skills and coordination. An extra challenge can be to find out how long a chain your loved one can get up to!


#6 – Hole Punching Game

With this one, all you need is a hole puncher, some leaves / paper and / or tissue paper. The aim is to punch holes in these materials as quickly as possible. Mix it up with different coloured and textured leaves and materials; that will definitely keep this activity varied and fun!

Enjoy your school holidays ahead and feel free to share some more tips and tricks via our social media channels!

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The LiveBig Team.