Music Therapy


What is a music therapist?

Music therapy is an evidence-supported field within allied health, employing music to actively aid individuals in enhancing their overall health, functionality, and emotional well-being. No musical abilities, such as singing or playing an instrument, are necessary to engage with or benefit from this therapy. Through therapeutic musical interactions, clients’ abilities are strengthened and transferred to other areas of their lives, enabling a more empowered and independent way of living.

What we offer (including our registered NDIS categories):

LiveBig is registered for the following NDIS category for music therapy:

Registration Group NameSupport Category No.Support Category NameSupport Item No.Support Item Description
Early Intervention Supports for Early Childhood15Improved Daily Living Skills15_005_0118_1_3Early Childhood Supports - Other Professional
Therapeutic Supports15Improved Daily Living Skills15_615_0128_1_3Assessment Recommendation Therapy or Training - Music Therapist

We understand that individual clients’ music therapy needs can be vastly different. We carefully evaluate your needs and liaise with you to recommend the best treatment options and delivery method to help you achieve your goals.

We collaborate with you and your support team to establish clear goals within your NDIS therapy plan. We regularly review progress and assess outcomes, setting new objectives along the way, ensuring that you are always advancing to the next level.

We treat all plan options the same – whether you are self-managed, plan-managed or NDIA managed. To provide the best possible service, we also offer flexible arrangements. We involve you and your carers in the decision-making process at every step of the way, ensuring you get the most from your NDIS plan.

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Why would you need music therapy services as part of your NDIS plan?

Registered Music Therapists develop personalised strategies for each client, utilising a multitude of techniques to help them reach their unique objectives. This therapy extends support to individuals of all ages, including those grappling with physical and psychosocial disabilities.

Holding university degrees and engaging in continuous professional development, Registered Music Therapists are equipped to address a broad spectrum of needs, encompassing emotional, communicative, social, physical, and psychological aspects.

Music therapy supports recovery, resilience and wellbeing and is suitable for wide range of conditions, including:

  • Neurodiverse
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar
  • PTSD
  • ABI
  • Physical disabilities
  • Dementia

We help you to meet your NDIS goals by working closely with you and your carers to improve the quality of your life. We achieve this by setting realistic goals and focussing on incremental achievements, continuously working to progress you to the next level. 

How do we provide music therapy services?

  • We travel to your home, community venue
  • Charge for travel time up to 30 minutes is as per the NDIS Price Guide

Step 1

You contact us or are referred to us

Step 2

We complete the referral process and set up a service agreement with you

Step 3

We email you a welcome pack

Step 4

We book your first appointment

Step 5

Your services start at home or via telehealth (we also contact a safe home visiting assessment)

Step 6

We ensure we regularly check-in

Do you need a music therapy assessment?

If you have an NDIS plan review or are in the process of getting your first plan done, you may need an assessment and subsequent report to support your case in meeting your goals. 

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