What is StepUpToday?

StepUpToday is a goal-setting program accessed through an app that helps NDIS clients to improve their function, independence and wellbeing through meaningful and tailored goal setting around everyday activities.

The program is supported by LiveBig allied health professionals for services such as occupational therapy, exercise physiology, physiotherapy and psychology. It focuses on jointly setting goals that give individuals (and their carers) more control and motivation by being able to see their progress in the app. The app enables useful and educational resources to be shared, ongoing communication via the app with their clinician, ability to enter daily progress and metrics which are then tracked using the app to visually see their progress over time.

What are the benefits of StepUpToday?

The benefits of StepUpToday are that you are in control of your progress and will feel motivated by being able to access resources, enter data and view your progress in the app. The ultimate goal of using StepUpToday is an expected increase in capacity to successfully perform activities of daily living independently and confidently. Education tools and resources are also provided by therapists to further support clients to achieve their goals.

How StepUpToday works?

StepUpToday has been designed using a ‘strengths-based’ approach, which focuses on helping the individual to achieve their personal goals. The program runs for 8 to 12 weeks, and the individual is supported through the goal setting process by a LiveBig allied health professional.

The program enhances the potential to achieve goals over time using traditional therapy services, such as occupational therapy, exercise physiology, physiotherapy and psychology, by improving communication through a customised digital platform, goal tracking and additional education resources that potentially result in quicker and more visible progress for clients.

How can you access StepUpToday?

The program can be accessed by an app provided through your LiveBig specialist across the following services: occupational therapy, exercise physiology, physiotherapy and psychology. 

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We complete the referral process and set up a service agreement with you

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We email you a welcome pack

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We book your first appointment

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Your services start at home or via telehealth (we also contact a safe home visiting assessment)

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We ensure we regularly check-in

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