Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Introduction to Music Therapy

Music Therapy is a creative therapy that can assist you with language and communication skills, gross and fine motor skills, social skills and support for your mental health. Music therapy supports with recovery and wellbeing and can be used for a variety of disabilities including Acquired Brain Injury, Neurodiversity, Anxiety, Dementia and a variety of physical disabilities. Together we do more.

Our music therapy service is currently available in the Brisbane area in Queensland.

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What do Music Therapy activities include:

Our services are always tailored to you as an individual and are evidence-based. They are unique to each person’s goals. Music therapy involves developing an individualised strategy designed to achieve your goals through a variety of musical interventions. Our services are always tailored to you as an individual and are evidence-based. The impacts of the therapy include:

Emotional regulation

supports you to learn positive ways to manage your emotions and effectively respond to an emotional experience.

Speech function

supports you with communication using music to improve speech function.


increase social communication, interaction, and confidence.

Fine and Gross motor skills

improve fine and gross motor skills through playing specific musical instruments.

Mood regulation

assists with psychosocial disability through mood regulation, reducing anxiety, managing anger and frustration and other challenging behaviours.

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How we provide our services to you

We work with you to provide services where it best suits you, which may be at home, school, or a community location. We also provide services via telehealth, so you have options that give you flexibility.

Our approach is always to look at your life, so we make sure we work with your support network in a wholistic manner to achieve the best outcomes for you including training and support for parents, siblings and paid supports where appropriate.

We use the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits for our service charges for NDIS participants. If you are a private client, contact us and we will have a chat.