Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support

Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support is designed to help reduce the frequency and intensity of certain behaviours of concern. Our Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners are degree qualified and work closely with you and your support networks to identify the behaviours and develop evidence-based approaches to manage them. Training of your support network is key to our approach to ensure the best chance in reducing or eliminating behaviours, and leading to an improved quality of life. Together we do more.

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What do Positive Behaviour Support activities include:

Our services are always tailored to you as an individual and are evidence-based. They are unique to each person’s goals. We usually start with a Functional Behaviour Assessment to understand your behaviours and why you use them. We also gather evidence from you and your support network to determine what works well for you and what doesn’t work so well.

Positive Behaviour Support Plans

include proactive and reactive strategies to each behaviour of concern and recommended approaches.

Implementing the strategies

we support you and your support network to understand how to implement the strategies to reduce the behaviours of concern.

Monitoring how it is working

we work with you to review what is working well and what changes need to be made in the plan.

Restrictive Practices

In some cases a Positive behaviour support plan will include Restrictive Practices; if that is the case, we also include a fade out plan to reduce and eliminate these practices.

Additional Support

Where needed we will recommend additional supports that may be required to assist in reducing behaviours and improve relationships and quality of life. 

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How we provide our services to you

We work with you to provide services where it best suits you, which may be at home, school, or a community location. We also provide services via telehealth, so you have options that give you flexibility.

Our approach is always to look at your life, so we make sure we work with your support network in a wholistic manner to achieve the best outcomes for you including training and support for parents, siblings and paid supports where appropriate.

We use the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits for our service charges for NDIS participants. If you are a private client, contact us and we will have a chat.