For a young person with an autism spectrum disorder, finding the right group of people, the right interests and activities, or the right peer support group can mean living your best life.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has shared . The A List is an online platform for young people with autism and their loved ones to find autism-friendly activities, whatever their age, interests, needs or level of function.

But how does it work, and what sort of activities are included? Let’s take a quick look.

What is The A List?

The A List is an online platform where people can search for social activities that suit their needs. In some cases, you can book directly via the platform or click through to the relevant website to find out more.

It was started by Nicole Gamerov and Bianca Shapiro of MyCareSpace, who saw the need for social options for young people with autism – and decided to do something about it.

How does it work?

There are several ways you can search for the right activities for you. One is to scroll through what is available. Another is to answer a few questions such as your age, location, and interests for a more targeted search of the available options. There are online and in-person activities and groups, including support groups, social networks, and skills development.

What sort of activities are available?

The site offers activities involving animals and nature, arts and crafts, computers and technology, games, holiday camps, carer support groups, peer support, sports, and travel.

For example, you might find a music teacher in your area who has experience teaching children and young people with ASD to learn piano, or perhaps the tuba! Or maybe you like to sing and dance and want to join a drama group.

Or how about an online course to learn about pet care and the skills needed to work in the pet care industry?

There are cooking classes, meditation, dirt bike riding, AFL, horse riding, computer classes, Minecraft groups including moderated Minecraft gaming, choirs, nature camps, mini-golf … the list goes on. There are one-off activities and ongoing courses. There is likely to be an activity to suit a young person with ASD and their interests or needs.

What else is there?

The A List also has a register of support services and resources, such as videos, to help young people with autism improve their social skills, including conversation skills, managing social anxiety and travel skills – even managing the often tricky area of relationships.

Have a look:

The A List has activities and partner organisations across Australia, including support networks and services. As a support organisation ourselves, the team at LiveBig think this is a website worth checking out.

And remember, we at LiveBig are here for all your disability support needs under your NDIS plan, with flexible, tailored services including psychology, occupational therapy, exercise physiology, speech pathology, behaviour support, counselling, physiotherapy and employment support.