• They’re in your neighbourhood – with over 130 offices located across Australia, AimBig are on the ground in every state and territory.
  • AimBig comes highly recommended – 81% of jobseekers that have used their services would recommend using them.
  • They speak your language – 45% of all staff are bilingual meaning that your needs are going to be heard.

The AimBig team are focused on finding solutions that will best suit you. They know that every individual’s needs are different, and so the people at AimBig treat finding your dream job that way too.

Take one of our incredible clients Meg for example, who had overcome multiple health battles but was struggling with the self-belief to get out there and recognise her value. AimBig Job Coach Christophe could see that while Meg lacked confidence, she had many strengths, such as her determination and courage and that she had the potential to be an exceptional employee. By tailoring his approach to focus on Meg’s strengths, the AimBig team were able to provide the support she needed that landed her happily back in the workforce.

The AimBig team partner with people like Meg every day and believe that every job seeker deserves the opportunity to achieve their goals.

If you are, or you know of someone on an NDIS plan that is interested in looking for employment, then talk to one of the friendly team members at AimBig Employment today. For more information and to make an enquiry, follow the link here.