Quality Policy

LiveBig is committed to consistently providing a high standard of services, based on best practice principles, that meet contractual and legislative requirements within the scope of our services.

Quality is a key factor in achieving success in everything we do, which is why we have instilled quality as a core value, and ongoing strategic goal. We have a robust Quality Management System (QMS) to support LiveBig to consistently achieve quality outcomes. 

To encourage ongoing best practice and quality services and operations, LiveBig continually has reviews our practices and through our QMS addresses emerging risks in performance and identifies opportunities for improvement.

An integral factor in LiveBig’s ability to achieve high quality services, is our strong customer focus. LiveBig hold customer satisfaction in high regards, and this guides our service practices. We understand the importance of listening and acting on customer feedback to enhance our services. This Quality Policy demonstrates our commitment to delivering customer satisfaction through our innovative strategies, continuous improvement initiatives, internal systems, processes and policies.

This commitment is driven by a determination to achieve the following outcomes from our services:

  1. Empower and enable our clients/participants to engage in activities and actively participate in the community within their capabilities, interests and service goals.

  2. Empower and enable our clients/participants to achieve their goals according to their NDIS plans. 

To achieve our quality objectives, LiveBig has the following policy principles:

  • All employees are committed to the effective and efficient implementation, management and improvement of quality and performance in service delivery and our operations.

  • All quality system documentation is regularly reviewed to ensure that existing policies, procedures, and practices are relevant to the scope of services offered and ensure we are capable of meeting specified contractual, legislative and industry requirements.

  • Training is provided to all employees and contractors, at induction and ongoing, to ensure understanding and compliance with our Quality Management System requirements.

  • All products and services delivered will meet, or exceed, customer requirements and will (as a minimum) meet all legislative, regulatory and principles relevant to the industries we operate in.

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