Support for Schools

Support for Schools

Supports in Schools

LiveBig is approved by the NSW Department of Education to deliver support to students with disability in schools. This is called the Specialist Allied Health Services to Schools scheme. We provide a range of clinical services including Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy, to support children, teachers, support staff or support a class.

What do Support in Schools activities include:

Our Support in schools services are always tailored to you as an individual and are evidence-based. They are unique to each person’s goals.

In class teaching

Our therapists can support entire classrooms and run exercises and lessons to address various learning impairments. This provides a great opportunity to offer therapeutic intervention to many students simultaneously. This also allows for upskilling of teachers in strategies to address learning impairments.

Small group therapy

Our therapists can group students with similar goals or impairments and run small group therapy to 3-6 students. This provides a more focused intervention for students to ensure they are progressing toward their goals.

Individual student support

this is one on one support and varies depending on the requirements of each student. It could include Phonological awareness, Social/Pragmatic Skills, Receptive and Expressive Language Skills, Fine and gross motor skills, handwriting

NSW State school

For further information about the scheme visit the Department of Education NSW

Schools outside NSW

LiveBig can provide supports to schools in other states under various funding arrangements. Contact us to discuss.

Meet some of the team that will support you

Engaging LiveBig

NSW State schools - contact us below for an initial chat on 1300 390 222 or fill in the contact form

You will also be required to complete the Department order form,  and then we will arrange an initial meeting to discuss your requirements.

For other states – simply give us a call or fill out the contact form.

Supporting every child to reach their potential “Together we do More”

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Starting school and need immediate support? We are here for you.

The transition from full-time parental care or daycare to schooling can be a big change…

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