Are you looking to celebrate at home or out and about with some of the beautiful events on offer across the country? No matter what, we have some great information to set you on the right path.

Christmas Carols events

In every city in Australia, the Christmas Carol events are some of the best ways to enjoy and spend time together with family. Each of these major events provide most or all the following provisions:

  • Wheelchair access
  • Seating for vision impaired people
  • AUSLAN for people using sign language
  • Access for companions/carers
  • Accessible toilets

Simply check the links below for information in your major city (and of course other corals across the country in a city suitable for you).


Accessible holiday retreats

If you’re looking to go away with the family for the holiday period, we have some great options for you to think about. There are a few different options on offer with fantastic events year round – especially around the holiday season. These services are catered to specific needs and provide help with:

  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Tailored events for specific needs
  • Affordable options aligned with NDIS pricing

No matter what disability needs you have, they can cater for children, independent living, carers, and support workers. Many businesses like the ones below can be found nationwide – and cater for retreats across the country.


Setting up for Christmas

For those who love setting up Christmas, make sure to reach out to friends and family with disabilities who may need help. Alternatively, they might even want to help you! This is a great time of year to bring family and friends together no matter what. Some great ways to reach out and ask for help include:

  • Setting up Christmas trees and house decorations,
  • Christmas countdown/advent style events (which they can be involved in remotely too!),
  • Cards, emails, photos, and similar holiday traditions,
  • Helping them buy presents or going shopping if needed, and
  • Christmas movie night!

No matter what, there are so many options for spending time with family and making Christmas accessible to all . If you ever need more help, make sure to talk to support workers or organisations who can help you out during this period.