Irene Ejones (WA)

Irene is a Senior Positive Behaviour Support Therapist, based in Perth, Western Australia. Irene has over 15 years of experience in the sector, providing support to clients across all age groups and with varied conditions. She is passionate about empowering clients to recognize their potential and to work towards achieving their therapeutic goals. Irene will commence with LiveBig on the 6th of May, supporting participants in Perth, North of River.


Jonas Bakker (QLD)

Jonas is our new Positive Behaviour Support Clinician in the Ipswich and Brisbane area, QLD. Jonas is passionate about helping others, having developed plans to remove restrictive practices successfully. Jonas has worked with conditions such as ASD, Intellectual Disability, ADHD, OCD, and various other disorders. Holding a degree in Psychology, Jonas is an expert in assisting families in understanding behaviour patterns.


Catherine Vesic (QLD)

Catherine is a passionate registered Music Therapist, supporting participants in Brisbane QLD. She enjoys providing a safe and accepting therapy space for people of all ages and backgrounds. Catherine has predominantly worked with children and their families in a private practice and has five years of experience in the music therapy field. She explores various goal areas using an approach that is person-centred, collaborative and resource-oriented.


Michelle Renes (QLD)  

Michelle has a passion for providing effective behaviour support in the Ipswich to Laidley region, QLD. She has expertise in utilising person-centred and strength-based approaches to assist individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges. She is skilled in conducting thorough assessments, developing tailored treatment plans, and fostering collaborative relationships within multidisciplinary teams.


Aleisha Robinson (VIC)

Aleisha is our Psychology Team Leader and a Behaviour Support Practitioner in Victoria. As a dedicated Psychologist and Team Leader, she possesses expertise in addressing various mental health challenges and developmental disorders. Aleisha collaborates with clients and their supports to facilitate clients’ full potential, tailoring sessions to resonate with individual needs.  


Amanda Munasinghe (VIC)

Amanda is a keen physiotherapy student, she has joined LiveBig as an Allied Health Assistant in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Amanda collaborates closely with physiotherapists and occupational therapists, combining hands-on skills and gaining evidence based knowledge while making a positive impact for those she works with.

LiveBig welcomes each clinician to the team, and we are so excited to have everyone on board!