In all aspects of the business at the Arriba group, we strive to enhance the lives of people we engage and work with. This person-centred approach offers our organisation a unique perspective into the lives of a range of people in the community, specifically those with disability.

The Arriba Group was invited to publish a response to the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability on behalf of AimBig, LiveBig, Rehab Management and Arriba Group. This response looks at the experiences of individuals of people living with disability, specifically the NDIS participants and how policies, legislation and the media can have negative consequences for these individuals.

The Arriba Group sees this an opportunity to share our views and put forward innovative solutions to create equal opportunities in social and community life for those living with disability. This includes advocating for the rights of these individuals to be respected, whereby the lack of awareness of rights and responsibilities can result in reduced opportunities for people with disability.

A great example shared in this document to depict the poor rights awareness is prospective employers not understanding that they can access funding for workplace modifications such as equipment, software and sensory modifications. This would ultimately hinder the ability for those with disability to secure employment as a result of the incorrect perceptions of cost, resulting in negative consequences for people with disability.

Our response is aligned with our mission to become Australia’s most progressive people-centric company to achieve the best outcomes for all clients, whereby we welcome innovative solutions and strive to be innovative industry leaders. The Arriba Group also believes that improvements to legislation, polices, education and media portrayal will increase opportunities for people with disability to participate in all walks of life and improve their quality of life.

The Arriba Group takes its role seriously in the community, whereby it is or duty to advocate for the rights of people with disability in order to move towards a more inclusive society. We look to challenge and disrupt to achieve purpose-driven innovation throughout Australia, where it is our goal to reduce violence, neglect or discrimination towards people with disability.