What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is a person-centered health profession involving the assessment, understanding and management of a person’s health limitations so they can enjoy a meaningful life. The term “occupation” in occupational therapy refers to the everyday activities that people do to occupy their time and bring structure to their day.

What do occupational therapists do?

Occupational therapists are health professionals who use a whole person approach when working with people, helping them complete daily activities with a sense of accomplishment and purpose. These include a range of self-care, work and leisure activities.

Occupational therapists recognize the importance of networks and offer a holistic approach to therapy services. LiveBig occupational therapists work with their clients’ families and carers to coordinate and establish a beneficial health plan.

To do this, occupational therapists provide assessments, planning and intervention to their clients. After conducting an initial needs assessment, they recommend devices to assist their clients in undertaking activities in the easiest way possible and then provide help using these devices. Occupational therapists also provide ongoing assessments of people’s abilities to perform everyday tasks and adjust their services accordingly.

Occupational therapists provide a range of therapy and assessment services to individuals with disability including:

  • Occupational therapists conduct both initial and ongoing assessments to determine a person’s abilities as well as ongoing therapy and intervention needs.
  • At home, school, work or in the community, occupational therapists help adapt environments to make activities in these setting easier for their clients. These modifications also include devices used to assist in navigating everyday spaces.
  • Skill development. Occupational therapists assist people in developing skills in self-care, home management, integration and reintegration into work or school settings.
  • Therapy treatment. Treatment around physical disabilities, cognitive processing, caring for wounds and manual therapy techniques can be performed by an occupational therapist.
  • Education and support. Occupational therapists offer education and support to individuals, family members and carers around the therapy and assessment services they offer. This contributes to the holistic view of occupational therapy as a discipline and contributes to the sustainability of the treatment.

Did you know?

Our Founder and CEO Marcella Romero was a Clinical Occupational Therapist before starting her first company over 20 years ago.

Why do people get occupational therapy services?

There are a variety of reasons why a person may seek out occupational therapy and assessment services. These can include help if a person has a disability or adjusting to life after sustaining an injury or illness.

Areas where occupational therapists can provide support include:

  • Help with daily activities like grooming, dressing, eating and driving, or more complex activities like household maintenance, childcare, shopping and managing finances.
  • Assistance setting up functioning work and education settings.
  • Support in setting up fun and practical leisure activities, hobbies and socializing.

Did you know?

Occupational therapy was first practiced in Western Australia in 1942, during the Second World War.

Where do occupational therapists work?

Occupational therapists can work in a variety of different settings including hospitals, community health centres, schools, at workplaces and in privately owned practices.

LiveBig occupational therapists are available to come to you at home, schools or in the community! The ability for our specialist allied health professionals to meet you in a variety of places means it’s easier and more comfortable for you to get the services you need, when you need them.

Is occupational therapy covered under the NDIS?

Yes. The NDIS funds a variety of therapy and allied health services for people living with disability, including occupational therapy.

Learn more on the NDIS website.

How does LiveBig provide occupational therapy services?

LiveBig provides occupational therapy and assessment services through the NDIS and privately if required. Click here to learn more about our process.

At LiveBig we’re about transparency and responsiveness. We work with you to achieve your individual goals within your NDIS plan, whether that’s through occupational therapy or any of our other therapy and assessment services.