Though we might be the newest kids in town, our experienced staff have worked with the NDIS and people with disabilities for many years. LiveBig recruits only the best in their field, so expect to work with people who see you as an individual, while also applying collective knowledge and deep experience.

We specialise in allied health services – we don’t try to do it all

Unlike some NDIS providers who offer general support services, we specialise only in allied health – like speech pathology, behaviour management through a psychologist, or occupational therapy, for example. Where necessary, we call on the expertise of our sister company with a two-decade history, Rehab Management, with their extensive Australia-wide expertise. AimBig Employment, our other sister company is a national disability employment specialist, also useful for our adult LiveBig clients. We can diversify when needed, but at our core, we’re here to help you through quality health services delivered by experts.

A clinical operations manager for every specialist service

This means that a senior manager is across every client’s needs and holistic outcomes. They might lead the OT team, for example, to make sure you’re getting value for money, the right service at the right time, and the results or responsiveness you need.

From the start, you’ll hear from us within 24 hours

You want action, fast and, like a lot of our clients, you’re tired of waiting and feeling overlooked. We can guarantee that we’ll respond within a day of referral, either direct from you, or from a support coordinator. Our first contact will be personal – it’s important for us to connect, human to human. Our next step is to enter your details onto our system. This is when we allocate the best clinician for the task. This will be a specialist matched to your needs.

Shorter waiting periods, weeks not months

Acting urgently and getting you the help you need is the backbone of our service charter. You’ll get an appointment in days at best, or weeks at worst, and you’re always welcome to call us for an update.

Honesty and transparency, every time

If we can’t provide a service, we’ll tell you and help to find a solution. We work mostly with individual clients and their families, as well as support coordinators, so we understand diverse needs, whether you’re self-managing, on a plan, or managed by the NDIS. Whether you’re the parent of a child under 7, or you’re an adult up to 65 years old, we can help you with tailored health services.

You can expect LiveBig’s people to be clear, open and accountable. Take us at our word, because our systems – like regular office ‘huddles’ where we get a broad perspective of ideas and approaches to help our clients – support each and every one of you. And you won’t have to keep explaining your situation – we’ll listen and create a team around your needs.

Give LiveBig a go, you won’t be disappointed.