Can the NDIS help me find a job?

Yes, the NDIS can provide funding for supports to help you find the right job. Finding and Keeping a Job is a type of capacity building support available through the NDIS that provides specific funding to eligible participants interested in entering the workforce. The following can be funded under the support category ‘Finding and Keeping a Job’ (Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living Skills). To find out more about this support category, visit the NDIS website.

It involves things like:

  • Vocational assessments to identify appropriate job options for you
  • Workplace assessments to identify any modifications or adaptations required to the tasks or environment
  • Vocational counselling to upskill your capacity for work
  • Onsite/ workplace training to upskill you in the tasks required in the role

Will the NDIS continue to help me at work?

In addition to helping you find a job, the NDIS can also provide funding for support once you’ve found work if it is considered to be ‘reasonable and necessary’.

  • Personal supports while at work, such as a support worker (Assistance with Daily Living, Core Supports)
  • On the job training to assist you manage the demands of the job (Finding and Keeping a Job, Capacity Building)
  • Workplace specific supports, such as modifications, aids or equipment (Capital Supports)
  • Employment related assessments and counselling (Finding and Keeping a Job, Capacity Building)

How do I get finding and keeping a job in my NDIS plan?

To be eligible for finding and keeping a job supports, you must first be eligible for an NDIS plan. When you are attending your plan review, mention that you would like supports to find or stay in your job and make sure it is listed as part of your plan goals.

How we provide Finding & Keeping a Job services?

LiveBig understands that all participants have different needs. Therefore, we partner with you to develop tailored interventions to suit your needs and preferences. We offer the following modes of service delivery:

  • Face-to-face
  • On-site/ workplace environmental assessments
  • Virtual or teletherapy consultations (including video conferencing, online platforms, and phone consultations)

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