Research shows however that one of the most effective ways to overcoming these challenges is for an individual to set achievable goals around everyday activity and work towards realising them. This is where StepUpToday comes into play.

StepUpToday is an app that aims to improve a person’s function, independence and wellbeing through meaningful, tailored goal setting around everyday activities. 

The brilliance of this program is that the activities are enjoyable, achievable and totally tailored to the individual. It may be as simple as setting goals around taking the dog for a walk and increasing the distance over time, engaging in social activity such as going to the shops, or having a cup of coffee with a friend.

StepUpToday is used in conjunction with services including occupational therapy, psychology, exercise physiology and physiotherapy. From start to finish, we’re with the individuals we support, ensuring they StepUpToday, to reach their goals.