However, at LiveBig, we understand that for individuals with disabilities and their families and carers, working towards your goals takes time. That’s why we want to emphasise the importance of therapy during the summer months and how LiveBig can be your partner in achieving your goals. 

The December and January months present a unique opportunity to continue to focus on your therapy. While it’s tempting to put therapy on hold during the holiday season, consider the benefits of continuing your therapy supports.

  • Consistency: Maintaining therapy during the summer ensures that progress doesn’t stall, providing a smooth transition into the new year and a great start to 2024.
  • Accelerated Progress: With fewer distractions, summer therapy sessions can be more focused, continuing the progress you have started.
  • Skill Retention: For children, in particular, regular therapy during the break helps in retaining the skills they’ve worked so hard to develop. 

LiveBig are dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities and their families and carers year-round. We understand that your journey towards independence, development, and improved quality of life doesn’t pause over the summer holiday season. 

LiveBig are open until 3pm on December 22nd and reopen on January 2nd. This ensures that you have access to our expert therapists and a range of services throughout most of the summer holiday season. It also ensures our valued therapists get time with their family and friends and return to work ready for the year ahead.

Our therapists are experienced in creating personalised summer therapy programs tailored to your unique needs and goals. Whether it’s speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, behaviour support, or any other services, LiveBig is here to help you over the summer months. 

As you prepare for the festive season, consider incorporating therapy into your summer plans to jumpstart the new year!