Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing Fay Whyte, one of our Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners at LiveBig in Perth, WA. Fay shared with us what an average day in her role looks like, why she chose to work in the industry and reflects on a time she helped make a positive difference in a participant’s life.

Fay’s journey into the realm of disability and behaviour support wasn’t a planned one. “I started working in disability and behaviour support by accident,” Fay shared. “I saw a role advertised online that I could apply for while I was still a student. It wasn’t even a job that I had heard of before I applied, but I’m so glad I did because this industry is so rewarding.”

When asked about what she loves most about her role, Fay’s passion shone through. “The best part is being able to create a supportive environment for my clients,” she expressed. “Every day, I get to contribute to their journey towards achieving their goals, and there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing meaningful improvements and milestones.”

A typical day for Fay is a blend of preparation, support sessions, and ongoing learning. “I start the day by working through my email inbox and preparing any materials I need,” Fay detailed. “During the day, I engage in one-on-one or group sessions with my participants to support them in developing new skills like advocating for their own needs, socialising meaningfully, or gaining independence in daily activities.”

With LiveBig’s goal to include all of a client’s support team, Fay’s role extends beyond direct client interactions. “In the next session, I might work with parents, teachers, or support workers to provide strategies that will help continue the person’s learning until my next visit,” she elaborated. “I also assist in crisis intervention when needed, helping individuals self-regulate or teaching their support network to help co-regulate.”

Reflecting on a time when she helped make a difference in a clients life, Fay shared a touching story. “I worked with an 11-year-old client who had recently suffered a stroke,” Fay recalled. “She had lost her ability to walk, talk, read, and engage in her interests like playing the piano. She was aware of everything she had lost and had become angry at the world.”

Through Fay’s support and empathetic approach, the client made remarkable progress. “Over several months, I was able to earn her trust and support her in rebuilding her skills,” Fay recounted. “She learned to express her needs verbally and gained confidence in trying new things. Today, at 14 years old, she is happy and thriving despite her ongoing support needs.”

Fay, and the team at LiveBig believe that through empowering lives together, we can do more. If you or your family member need positive behaviour support as part of your plan, contact us today.