Are you looking for ideas to fill up someone’s stocking this Christmas? Our Occupational Therapist Camila has put together a list for what to buy your loved one with disability this festive season that won’t break the bank. 

Sensory Ball Pit

Stocked at Kmart – $19

Allow your loved one explore their curiosity with this cool ball pit which can be used both indoors and outdoors! This mat is a great sensory activity as it helps teach and develop fine motor, sensory and tactile, visual and cause and effect skills.


Kinetic Sandcastle Set

Stocked at Kmart – $25

What’s more fun than building a sandcastle? Right in time for summer, the Kinetic Sand set features moldable sand that flows through your hands and never dries out for long-lasting play. The special formula makes the sand easy to shape and mould anything. Your loved one can get in touch with their creative side and make anything they desire with assistance from the shovel to help dig, scoop and flow. Sand is great to explore tactile sense and you can work on problem solving skills and explore different textures by hiding other objects in the sand – what about a treasure hunt?


Wooden Peg Puzzles Assorted

Stocked at Target – $8

Putting together puzzles and objects into holes are a great way to boost skills and fun this Christmas. Promoting problem solving and confidence while developing cognitive skills and visual perception, this toy is sure to be a boredom buster. Some puzzles also have handles and grasp points which helps to develop pincher grasp.


Play-Doh Variety Pack

Stocked at Target – $25

Who doesn’t love playdough? Playdough is more than just imagination, it can also help people with disability to develop hand strength, explore sensory, fine, and gross motor skill development. If your loved one wants a challenge, try the different playdough variations such as Crazy Cuts Stylist set or Kitchen Creations Flip’n Pancakes Playset.

Are you looking for a challenge? Making your own playdough adds work on cognitive skills, following instructions, and problem-solving skills. Turn it into a family activity, working on communication and social skills while following a recipe and choosing your favourite colours. You can find the recipe here:


Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

Stocked at Toyworld – $15

Unleash your inner Picasso with washable sidewalk art. A great gift for loved ones that are looking to show off their creative side, they are also developing fine motor skills through colouring and writing. It also helps with pencil grip. Is your loved one looking to improve their posture and arm/shoulder strength and stability? Try sticking some paper on the wall and ask for a big drawing!


Pop It – Bubble Toy

Stocked at Kmart – $5

These bubble popper toys are perfect for kids who are fidgety, anxious, and/or are always seeking some kind of movement or activity. You can find these in many different shapes and colours.


Mini Trampoline with Handle

Stocked at Toymate – $100 (On sale for $79.20)

This is a good option for our movement seekers and active children, offering the sensory input they need and working on balance, gross motor skills, overall strength. Did you know that all kind of balance activities have an impact on improving attention?



Stocked at Big W – $40

A crowd favourite, buying your loved one with disability lego is great in many ways! Creativity, pretend play, fine motor skills and hand and finger strength, all while they have a blast creating figures from their imagination!