After a very trying 2 years amid a global pandemic and all the challenges it brought, it can be very easy to say: I need a break, and I need to take some time out for my mental health, relax and recharge.

That’s great, but the New Year is also a great time to refocus and re-set our goals on other ways to improve our mental health as we head into 2022 – and whatever challenges it may bring.

Whatever resolutions you make, or goals you set for the New Year, make sure to include your mental health needs.

Beyond Blue’s Heads up, which helps provide people and their employers with the tools for a mentally healthy workplace, has some top tips for making your mental health a priority this year:

  • Don’t be too resolute in your resolutions: Set New Year’s goals that are achievable, otherwise you are only setting yourself up to fail – which will leave you disappointed, deflated, and disillusioned about your next set of goals. Break down your main goal into smaller tasks that can be more readily completed – and which will give you a longer list of achievements that can be ticked off!
  • Communicate: Talking to colleagues, family and friends – whether about something that’s worrying you, life in general or even just your favourite TV show – is great for relieving stress and lifting your mood, and also means you have support networks when you need them. Make time to talk about the small stuff, and also about the big stuff on a regular basis with people you trust. It can help to schedule calls or catch-ups with family and friends to ensure you don’t become isolated.
  • Make time for ‘me time’: From a clerk to the CEO, everyone needs to take a break from work to recharge otherwise their tanks will run dry. Make sure your mind is off work during your time away from work – turn off the phone and email and focus on what you enjoy, whether that is being with friends, or pursuing a hobby or even just resting and relaxing.
  • Make it work for you: One good thing to come out of the pandemic is the realisation that many workplaces can offer far more flexible working arrangements than anyone ever thought. Where once asking to work from home might have raised an eyebrow, now it is the new normal – so if you need flexible arrangements, whether that is working from home or outside standard business hours, talk to your boss or manager.
  • Keep active: Maintaining good physical health can help your mental health, so make sure you keep up any exercise regimen as part of your daily routine. Even when life gets busy, make it a priority to look after your physical health.

Some other New Year resolutions to consider for your mental health could include:

  • Getting enough rest at night to ensure you’re at your best during the day.
  • Avoiding too much coffee, alcohol and maintaining a healthy diet, which will improve your overall wellbeing.
  • Reducing your screen time, especially social media.
  • Spend more time outside.

And remember, our Arriba Group teams at AimBig Employment, Rehab Management and LiveBig are here to support you – especially when it comes to achieving your goals, and looking after your mental health and wellbeing!