OT Tommy is here to answer that question! Based in Moonee Ponds, Tommy delivers occupational therapy services to LiveBig clients in the Greater Melbourne area. We asked him what he got up to on a working day as a consultant at LiveBig…


6.00 AM

Getting myself ready for the day – I wake up, have my breakfast and go out for a 20 minute walk in the park nearby. I find doing some exercise in the morning very helpful to refresh my mind. When I come back, I watch some news.

8.30 AM

Living in Melbourne, Covid-19 has changed the ways we live and we work. This is my work from home setup, check it out!

I always check my emails first to see if there are any urgent emails. I will then look at my work calendar to look at my appointments that I planned weeks before and I will send a text to my clients or their families to confirm the booking and ask them if they register any Covid-19 symptoms. Since most of my appointments start from 10am, I also read any notes and prepare session materials for the day. It is important to read the notes because most of my clients requires multi-disciplinary interventions, so that I keep myself updated of my clients’ progress.

9:00 AM

Depending on where my first client is located, I usually start to drive around 9 or 9:30. Typically, I have 2-4 clients a day, ranging from paediatrics to elderly. Depending on their diagnosis, I have to develop different interventions, e.g. ADLs training, sensory diet, equipment prescription, home modifications, psychosocial interventions etc. In our initial appointment, my client and I identify the issues that hinder their participation in their daily life activities, set up goals and we work towards the goals together.

In this climate, we also discuss how we are entertaining ourselves at home while we are in lockdown and share any recommendations. My bond with my clients has become even closer during lockdown, as we’ve been maintaining regular conversations when we aren’t seeing friends and family as often due to restrictions. My clients and I work as a team to figure out what works and is more suitable for them during lockdown.

12.00 PM 

Lunch time. I also use the time to do my documentation. And most importantly a power nap! Just to refresh my mind.

5:30 PM 

I usually finish my last client appointment by 5:00pm. I will complete any necessary documentation and case notes before I head back home for a shower. If I conduct my last appointment via telehealth, it means I can complete this work from the comfort of my home and relax straight after I’ve done my work, which is a bonus.

8:00 PM 

Lego time!! Before lockdown, I would usually do badminton training or play social games. Now, I play Lego, which I never thought I would do in my entire life. When I complete the last brick I feel such a sense of achievement and quickly go online to buy another one!

Lego is quite popular and can be expensive. I believe we all work harder especially for the things we enjoy and bring fulfillment in our hearts. I make sure that I’m performing at my best, deliver and meet the expectation of my customers and work with them to achieve their goals. LiveBig recognises high performing employees who meet high customer satisfaction with a bonus they deserve. I got so excited when I received one, and it’s a no brainer where I spent it – more Lego!

9:00 PM 

Before bed, I chat with my friends or family online – it’s been a while not being able to fly back to catch up with them. I can’t wait for when we reopen our borders again.

10:00 PM

I usually sleep around this time and get ready for the next day. Good night!