This Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating love, we wanted to share the many reasons why our team love working with LiveBig clients.


“I love providing support in this field as a psychologist and behaviour support practitioner because I get a front row experience of each person shining brighter and brighter with every step they take towards their goals and building the life that they would like to live. It’s a true honour and one I don’t believe I’ll fall out of love with any time soon 😊”
Jay Kumar, Team Leader – Behaviour Support & Psychology


“Because it is a great feeling to know you have helped someone, be it little or big. Even the small act of taking the time to really listen can positively impact a person’s life.”
Genevieve Valencia, Consultant – Occupational Therapist


“I love providing support services to people living with disability because I believe everyone deserves access to health services, no matter what barriers they may be facing. I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live their best life, and I am thrilled to help my clients find ways to live their best life!”
Ben Carter, Consultant – Registered Psychologist


“Growing up, I had to watch my Grandfather and my Aunty live the remainder of their lives with a neurological disability. It was very hard seeing them slowly deteriorate into fragile people who were once so strong and healthy. Helping them in any way I could, whether it be taking them to a Dr’s appointment or out to a social event, I wanted to support them in any way I could so that they did not feel alone. I could see how much of an impact it could make, seeing that someone care’s and is there to rely on no matter how big or small the task may be. The reason why I love providing support services to people living with disability is because I care and want to see people feel supported without thinking they are a burden. I want to see them achieve their goals even if it may be with assistance. I want to see them live and experience their lives fully feeling happy, loved and not alone.”
Penny Balavgenis, Support Services Coordinator


“My biggest reason is the joy it brings to my heart whenever I hear pure joy and gladness of a mother, a father, a family member, or the participant themselves, the moment they realised they have found a provider who can support them.

Being in this role, I became an instrument to help a lot of people living with disability. And I consider that both a privilege and a responsibility.”
Maria Babiera, Business Development Manager


“I enjoy the wins that we can make for someone living with a disability that can make a huge difference to their life and/or the life of the person’s support networks. This might include obtaining a piece of equipment that allows someone to be able to have reduced pain whilst engaging in an activity, supporting someone to be able to prioritise their energy during the day so they can continue to engage in meaningful activities or spend quality time with their friends and family and seeing someone develop new skills that increase their independence and control in an area of their life.”
Mary-Rose Bronts, Senior Consultant


I love being able to help others and teach them to be more independent.
Hannah Nelson, Consultant – Occupational Therapist


“The reason why I love providing services to people living with a disability is because I enjoy having a hand in changing people’s lives so they can have the same opportunities to make the most of life, as I have.”
Mette Stanbury, Area Manager – NSW


“The one reason why I love providing support services to people living with a disability is because I am a strong believer of freewill and choice. People living with a disability should be given the choice to be able to make decisions, express themselves, and be who they are without barriers or judgement.” 

Olivia Vun, Consultant, Speech Pathologist


My response to the question is: I believe everyone deserves equal chances to access services and choose how they want to live. Any one person has their own strength and weakness. I love to see people to be themselves, do what they shine at and live the best possible life they can ever be.

Sharon Li, Provisional Psychologist


“One reason I love providing support services to people living with disability is because of what I can learn from them. I find that people living disability often have such a unique and wonderful way of looking at the world. They have frequently overcome so much to get where they are, or are in the process of doing so, and I feel lucky to be a part of their journey. I love learning from our wonderful clients, specifically their perseverance, determination, and a new way of looking at the world with every person I meet.”

Danniel Rosado, Consultant – Occupational Therapist