Motherhood is a journey filled with boundless love and unwavering dedication. But let’s not limit our appreciation to just one day—every day is an opportunity to celebrate and express our gratitude to all mothers, especially those caring for children with disabilities.

In Australia, one in 12 children faces unique challenges due to disabilities, and 95 percent of these kids have incredible mothers as their primary caregivers. We want to extend a massive thank you to these amazing mums who continue to make their children’s lives easier and better every single day. Your love and strength inspire us all!

LiveBig is here to lend a helping hand for all these mothers who continue to go above and beyond each day for their children. Our mission is to provide support, understanding, and expert services. We make accessing support services easy, offering specialised allied health services and comprehensive assessments.

Our experienced professionals provide comprehensive assessments of our clients’ needs and work with them to boost development, independence, and overall well-being. As one of our clients has said, “My communication skills have come so far. Now, every night over dinner, my mum and I talk about our day.” These success stories warm our hearts.

At LiveBig, we’re dedicated to providing the support and resources mothers deserve as they care for their children with disabilities. Together, let’s celebrate these exceptional mums who make a real difference in their children’s lives.


Additional resources:

Carer Gateway is an Australian Government program providing free services and support for unpaid carers, such as mothers of children with a disability.

This is a free support program for Australia’s 2.65 million unpaid carers. For more information, please follow the link here.