No matter how long you’ve been doing it, Christmas every year is always stressful. Lunches and dinners, family, decorating, school holidays, functions – it never stops. So this year, we are helping you out the best we can by easing some of the stress of presents.

We know how hard it can be to find the right presents. So here are some accessible, easy gift ideas for children with disabilities. These four items are all available at major stores and are certain to be a hit this Christmas.


Play-Doh Super Colour Pack

Combining creativity, tactile feedback, multiple colours, and safety this Play-Doh set is a fantastic gift. With 20 tubs in a single pack, it’s also great as a small group gift to make it a fun group activity for siblings or cousins. The added benefits of helping with motor skills and imagination make this Play-Doh Set a great choice for any child with a disability.

image: box of twenty multicoloured play-doh containers

Available at Target for just $19, click here to find this Play-Doh Set now!


Assorted Wooden Peg Puzzles

When it comes to helping develop fine motor skills, critical thinking, and hand-eye coordination you can’t go past wooden peg puzzles. These toys are safe for children over 18mths old, have high reusability, are easy to clean, and have great storytelling potential. Any toy with developmental help that sparks a child’s imagination is a win in our books!

image: wooden puzzle toys

Available at Target for just $9, click here to find this Wooden Peg Puzzle now!


Sensory Ball

These toys are great for developing vital motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The range of sounds, lights, textures, colours and Cocomelon design is sure to get any child excited to play. At just 10 centimetres in size, they are suitable for children above 6mths old and carry through to children of all ages.

image: sensory balls

Available at Target for just $15, click here to find the Cocomelon Sensory Ball Pack now!


Weighted Blanket

A good night’s sleep is crucial for every child’s development and the benefits of a weighted blanket should not be overlooked for your loved one. Often referred to as “Anxiety Blankets”, these blankets are an amazing way to help calm and relax anyone with consistent sensory input – often able to mimic hugs with serotonin release for comfort. This is something that every parent should have available to help their children relax and sleep better at night.

image: weighted blue blanket

Available at Kmart for just $39, click here to find this Weighted Blanket now!

No matter what you buy your child this Christmas, we know it’s going to be amazing! Hopefully, this has helped spark some ideas and take just a little bit of stress away from your shopping this holiday.

All the best for your shopping and know there is always someone who can help if you need it.