Unfortunately, Lidija lost one of the twins at just ten weeks’ gestation, leaving the family devastated. But she tried to stay positive and focus on keeping healthy for the remaining twin, and the pregnancy progressed as normal until 18 weeks when the family suffered another blow. Lidija was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, admitted to hospital and put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy.

Although Lidija was on bed rest, the remaining twin was born prematurely at 26 weeks and five days’ gestation. The family decided to name their new addition Hannah. Hannah weighed only 584 grams. She was so small and fragile that the nurses were unable to even measure her height. Her skin was see-through like a water bottle. You could also see the details inside her tiny little ears. But Hannah showed her fighting spirit and made it through, despite the odds. Now six years old, she has proven to be a fighter ever since.

From there, the family’s lives changed completely. Hannah progressed well through her toddler years with the help of the outpatients’ program from the hospital she was born at, but as she approached the three-year mark, the support that the family was receiving from the hospital suddenly dropped off.

Hannah had never been diagnosed with a disability, she wasn’t as able to perform certain tasks at the level of peers of the same age. She was high functioning in front of outsiders and specialists, performing tests and tasks with ease. But it became apparent to Lidija in their quiet moments together and when things became too much that Hannah would often crumble. Lidija suspected that Hannah had been trying so hard to over-perform during sessions with specialists that she would burn out, leading her to come home and fall apart. With help, Hannah had been progressing so well. But without it, she was regressing, and Lidija became concerned about her ability to keep up with her peers, her social skills and her ability to cope psychologically and in everyday life.

The family were going through a stressful time, and it got to a point where things started to affect Lidija and Ben’s marriage and their finances. Lidija knew then that she needed to take action.

She started to investigate how they could obtain NDIS funding support and made an application through Hannah’s pediatrician. Eighteen months later, having not heard anything, Lidija followed up with the service provider and was advised that they had accidentally disposed of the application as it had been filed through her pediatrician rather than directly by herself. So she applied again, but after the application was misplaced for a second time, Lidija decided on a new course of action.

For six months, Lidija searched for another provider, using all resources provided to her by the NDIS, with no luck. Until she received a recommendation to contact LiveBig, which she did, and she has never looked back. Lidija feels that LiveBig’s services were a perfect fit for Hannah, making life much easier for the whole family. She is so excited before every appointment she has with LiveBig therapy specialists Jessica Suh (Occupational Therapist) and Cheryl Prasad (Speech Pathologist). After each appointment, she happily gives her mother a comprehensive rundown of everything she learned with Jessica and Cheryl.

According to Lidija, “Hannah responds so well because Jessica and Cheryl are gifted specialists who have the resources, knowledge and passion for helping clients. They know how to communicate with her properly. When learning is fun, you can’t ask for more. LiveBig, well done and thank you. I am delighted that we have connected and can see the differences in Hannah. Parents value you, appreciate your hard work and understand that it takes a team.”