Many use their platforms on social media to elevate information about their respective disabilities and how they redefine normal by letting people in on their daily lives. Whether they are raising awareness, having a laugh, or just growing your social feed, here are 5 disability Instagram accounts you need to be following!

Jillian Mercado 

This Dominican-American fashion star is signed by IMG and is one of the few models in the industry who are physically disabled. She is a wheelchair user who has muscular dystrophy and regularly challenges beauty ideals with her platform. A prominent figure in the new wave of models challenging beauty ideals in the fashion industry, Mercado is keen to fight the lack of representation of people with disabilities.

Dylan Alcott 

Dylan Alcott, OAM is an Aussie icon known across the country as a wheelchair tennis player, wheelchair basketball player, Triple J radio host and motivational speaker. As a music and festival lover in 2018 Dylan launched Ability Fest – an all accessible music festival with elevated platforms, pathways, quiet zones, companion ticketing, ramps, volunteers, Auslan interpreters, and of course accessible toilets.

Molly Burke 

Known for her popular YouTube channel, Molly Bourke regularly breaks down the stigma of what a blind person can do. Diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at just 4 years old and began public speaking at age 5. Even though being unable to see, Molly still finds bright spots in everything we are faced with.

Sinead Burke 

Sinead is a Disability Advocate and Influencer. She challenges leaders to change their perspective when it comes to design. She wants leaders to consider not only the design of the world around us but fashion leaders when it comes to the design of clothing.  She was on the cover of the September Issue of British Vogue as part of the Forces For Change. Learn about how she is bringing awareness to the disability community

Lauren “Lolo” Spencer 

Lauren or ‘Lolo’ is a disability lifestyle influencer, discussing disability issues such as fashion, dating, and several other aspects of living with a disability. On Instagram, Lauren posts about fashion, disability awareness, and self-care. Follow her for great posts about the topics mentioned above.

Last but not least us LiveBig 

LiveBig also shares some great content too! On our Instagram you’ll find inspirational videos, learn about our services, customer stories, weekly motivation and so much more. Follow and check out our account here.