Through a partnership with LusioRehab, we have commenced delivery of the LusioMATE technology, this new tool is a physical therapy ecosystem app equipped with wearable sensors, designed to transform the way individuals engage with therapy and achieve goals.

LusioMATE uses wearable sensors, like a gaming controller, that fits almost anywhere on the body. It motivates players to do their physical therapy exercises and achieve movement goals in a fun and engaging way. The key to LusioMATE’s success lies in its ability to turn physical therapy into an enjoyable experience through a variety of games. These games are specifically crafted to entertain and motivate players as they progress through their rehabilitation journey, earning points and trophies along the way.

LiveBig has commenced a LusioMATE pilot in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, involving our Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists. Our initiative is to enhance participant engagement and introduce an element of fun into therapy. Early feedback from our participants has been extremely positive so far, we have heard lots of good news stories of people building fine and gross motor function, all through the use of LusioMATE gamified wearable technology.

For some, physical therapy can be boring and hard to fit into everyday life, our partnership with LusioMATE helps to bring fun, accessible, and novel exercise to participants and their families. If you are interested in this new way of physical therapy speak to your LiveBig clinician today.

To find out more about Lusio Rehab, visit their website by following the link here.