Graduating with basic skills in an allied health discipline such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology or Psychology is a great achievement – but it does not fully prepare you for the wide range of job requirements, which can only come from experience.

 All new graduates need help and support to find their feet and put their learning into context, in often very different circumstances to what they encountered while studying.

Particularly at LiveBig, we have a varied caseload of clients, all with different assessment and treatment needs. It requires a broad skill set, usually acquired through years of practice.

At LiveBig, we provide clinical supervision and training by experienced allied health professionals to support a graduate’s learning. It enables them to consolidate their existing knowledge with client-specific information to deliver high-level outcomes for every client.

At LiveBig, we know that new graduates can only flourish and reach the quality we expect with effective guidance and mentorship.


How does supervision help?

At LiveBig, we focus on employing the right mix of experienced staff and new graduates to ensure appropriate support is provided. At the same time, clients’ needs are met – and that everyone benefits.

A qualitative analysis of allied health professionals found that clinical supervision was most effective when it was provided by a supervisor with the right skills and experience and focused on professional development. The research also showed that it was most successful when the organisation facilitated the relationship between supervisor and supervisee.

At LiveBig, we are constantly employing more experienced staff, and we have a diverse cultural background which further adds to the broad scope of knowledge within the allied health space.

For example, across our Occupational Therapy team, we have over 55 years of experience in:

  • Community Disability
  • Community aged care
  • Drug and alcohol dependency
  • Equipment prescription
  • Group and individual program intervention
  • Hand therapy
  • Home modification
  • Mental health
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Occupational rehabilitation
  • Paediatrics
  • Carer support and management
  • Program implementation
  • Research and program development


We are also experienced in the requirements involved with various funding schemes, including NDIS, My Aged Care, Veteran’s Affairs and various other state government funding programs.

Why clinical training?

Here at LiveBig, clinical training is all about continuing education and upskilling.

Our training is focused on discipline-specific topics, which also contribute to annual ongoing education registration requirements for our clinicians. Our experienced staff and external experts ensure the best possible levels of training and education for all our occupational therapy, speech pathology and psychology clinicians.


Bonus benefits.

At LiveBig, training does not just happen within our walls. Each clinician can access $1000 each year for external training courses to further expand and enhance their skills, such as courses provided by professional organisations including Occupational Therapy Australia, Speech Pathology Australia and the Australian Psychology Association.


While LiveBig would like to support as many clients as possible, we will never compromise on the quality of service. This means never compromising on the quality of training and support provided to all our new clinicians. And these are all good reasons for joining us at LiveBig.