At LiveBig, we believe in fostering a workplace environment that not only supports our employees’ professional growth but also encourages them to give back to the community. Our commitment to flexible working arrangements extends beyond the typical offerings, and one example that demonstrates this is our annual Volunteer Day offered to all employees within LiveBig’s parent company, the Arriba Group.

Imagine having the opportunity to take a day off every year to dedicate your time to a cause that speaks to you. That’s exactly what the Volunteer Day at The Arriba Group offers to each one of our employees. It’s more than just a day off; it’s a day to make a difference, to support a local charity or organisation of your choice.

Our Marketing team set a fantastic example earlier this year when they embraced their Volunteer Day to contribute to a local cause. They teamed up with Sydney by Kayak for a corporate clean-up paddle in the iconic Sydney Harbour. The goal of this day was to help combat the alarming 1.5 tonnes of plastic waste that find their way into the harbour every hour.

This initiative by our Marketing team embodies the spirit of Volunteer Day at The Arriba Group. It’s about giving our employees the flexibility to make a positive impact in their busy work-life schedules. This day allows us to recognise that work is not just about profits and productivity but also about being responsible and giving back to the community.

At LiveBig, our flexible working arrangements, including the Volunteer Day demonstrate our commitment to the wellbeing of our employees. We understand that a happy and fulfilled team is a more productive one. By giving our employees this day to dedicate their time to a charity or cause that resonates with them, we are encouraging all staff to live out our purpose, which is to empower lives together.

At LiveBig, that sits within the Arriba Group we believe in work-life balance, and by offering this volunteering day, we are showing how we put these values into practice. We invite all our employees to embrace this unique opportunity to give back and to make a difference.