The summer period is a beautiful time of year to get out and enjoy the weather. While it isn’t always easy to find accessible venues, we’ve done the hard work for you! This summer, make sure you are ready to get out and enjoy the sun with our great advice below.

Summer fun inside and out

If you’re looking for some great accessible options this summer, there are places all over the country to enjoy everything Australia has to offer. Below, we have a list that will suit anybody.

  • Beaches and Parks – A huge part of the Aussie lifestyle, beaches and parks during the holidays are a huge day out! More locations become suitable every year. You can find great accessible beaches and accessible national parks and trail advice here.
  • Playgrounds – Always a fun outing for children, the number of accessible locations is growing quickly. Plus, many are installing wheelchair-friendly ‘Liberty Swings’ and other great fun. You can find a list of them right here.
  • Sporting and Cultural Venues – This time of year is always a great chance to get out and see museums, sports, and cultural events. No matter what event you look at, large venues now have great provision and support for patrons with access needs.
  • Major sporting codes are making in-roads for full diversity access across major venues and are worth checking out – especially the Big Bash League with constant games. There are heaps of accessible sporting options for those looking to play as well! Check out Disability Sports today!
  • There are some fantastic accessibility initiatives hosted by a huge range of museums, aquariums, and activity centers around the country. Options such as Sealife in Sydney or Melbourne, Museums Victoria, and Village Cinemas Sensory Events exist, with more available at Independence Australia.
  • Holiday Camps – Councils and groups across the country are providing more holiday camps and social events all the time. provides a list of places across the country for sport, social, educational, and welfare activities. Check the list out here on the MyCareSpace website or get further help from your national

Music in the sun

During summer, Australia shows the rest of the world just how great our music scene is with some amazing venues and festivals with the world’s biggest artists. If you’re looking for options, make sure to check out some of these:

  • Ability Fest, launched by the Dylan Allcott Foundation, is aiming for another huge music and cultural event in 2023. Keep an eye out at their website and linked social media for upcoming details!
  • If you’re looking for something locked-in, check out Laneway Festival for all of the info related to their events across the country this year. With accessibility options and support available across most of their stages and venues, it’s a fantastic chance to see some local music talent on a huge scene. Contact them for more help and advice!

We hope you have a brilliant summer because there is nothing better than being active during these beautiful Aussie summers. We cannot wait to hear about it!