What are therapy services?

Therapy services are sessions conducted by health care professionals that assist people in the management of their disability, or recovery from injury or illness.

Types of therapy that LiveBig offer include occupational therapy, speech pathology, exercise physiology, physiotherapy and psychology.

How do I enquire about a therapy service with LiveBig?

To enquire about a therapy service, you can find details in our service finder tool. Simply enter your postcode to check we currently have a therapist able to service in that area. You can then choose to contact us to get started.

What are assessment services?

Assessment services are conducted by a healthcare professional to establish what sorts of therapy services a person may require. If you’re not currently on an NDIS plan, are about to have a plan review or your condition has changed, you may need to book in an assessment before you can access therapy services through the NDIS.

You can book in a LiveBig specialist who will do an assessment of your needs. We want everyone to be able to get the support they need.

How do assessments work?

Our assessments are comprehensive and work to discover what level of therapy our clients require.

Once we receive a referral, one of our qualified specialists will visit your home to help determine the level of support you require. We can then tell you what support our specialists can provide you.

Did you know?

LiveBig healthcare specialists will come to you at home or in another community setting to conduct both assessments and therapy services.

What’s the difference between therapy services and assessment services?

Assessment services are used to establish which therapy services someone could benefit from. Therapy services are the planned, ongoing appointments to support you or your family member with a disability live the best life possible.

What sort of therapy and assessment services do LiveBig offer?

Our health specialists such as occupational therapists, speech pathologists, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists and psychologist work with each client to achieve their individual goals. Find out more about each specialty on our services page.