Caring for people with dementia can be a challenging journey, with many behaviours that often leave caregivers feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. At LiveBig, we understand these challenges and we provide specialised allied health support and assessment services to assist participants and their caregivers.  

One of our NDIS participants, Jessica, lives with Frontal Lobal Dementia. Her behaviours of concern include absconding, inappropriate sexualised behaviours, and physical aggression. Her carers were becoming mentally fatigued from providing care and these behaviours were continuing to increase due to the decline of the Jessica’s health. 

LiveBig were asked to support by identifying approaches that would benefit Jessica and her carers. Our services focused on providing Dementia Awareness Training, equipping caregivers with knowledge on dementia-friendly language and effective management strategies. By facilitating connections with Dementia Support Australia, caregivers gained access to 24/7 advice from dementia nurses, offering invaluable support during difficult moments. 

LiveBig also developed a dementia-friendly environment that would ease the impact of Jessica’s behaviours, rather than trying to stop them. Then we established monitoring and recording procedures to determine which strategies are the most effective. This is crucial because person-centred dementia care varies from person to person reflecting individual behaviours and symptoms. 

Despite the inevitable decline in Jessica’s condition, the impact of LiveBig’s support was profound. Caregivers are now mentally prepared to handle challenging incidents, responding in a manner that minimises negative outcomes and preserves Jessica’s dignity.  


Personal details have been altered to protect participants privacy.