At LiveBig, we are committed to providing allied health services that empower individuals with diverse needs to live their lives to the fullest. Recently, we worked with a remarkable participant who presented unique challenges as well as plenty of opportunities for growth and development. 

Brian is 18 years old and lives with autism and severe intellectual disability. He faces significant communication barriers as he is non-verbal and lacks access to assistive technology. Additionally, his restrictive practices, such as the need for locked doors, limits his ability to freely engage in the community when he desires. Moreover, his behaviour of self-harm adds another layer of complexity to his situation. 

Upon assessing the participant’s needs and challenges, LiveBig’s dedicated clinician implemented interventions tailored to his specific requirements. One of the key strategies we introduced was a Functional Communication visual exchange program. This program involved placing a visual door icon on the front door, which Brian could take and give to his mother to indicate his desire to go outside. 

Within a short period, Brian began using this visual cue effectively, indicating his desire to access the outdoors to his mother. This simple yet effective approach allowed him to express his wants and needs and facilitated better communication between him and his mother. The success of our program has also paved the way for broader applications. Brian and his mother can use this skill in other aspects of his life such as his day respite programs and activity with other providers. 

One of the most rewarding outcomes of LiveBig’s services was witnessing the positive impact on the family dynamics. Notably, Brian’s mother demonstrated exceptional commitment and success even without our LiveBig clinician present. Her satisfaction and confidence in supporting her son’s needs without relying solely on external assistance were inspiring. 

At LiveBig, we are committed to bringing out the potential of every individual we meet, helping them live big in their own way! 

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