Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Developmental Delay can experience difficulties with attention span, behaviour, and developmental milestones. Our 5-year-old participant, Sam, experienced these challenges, expressing as emotional outbursts, physical aggression, dietary restrictions, and stability issues.

Sam, though inherently caring, experienced moments of anger and frustration, often resorting to physical violence when overwhelmed. Her sensory led dietary choices posed nutritional challenges, and her balance and stability issues further heightened her physical challenges, leaving her family feeling helpless. Initial attempts to engage therapy were met with difficulties, with numerous cancellations hindering any progress.

Despite these initial hurdles, LiveBig therapists persevered with creative solutions. Our therapists relocated the sessions to her kindergarten school which provided a familiar and supportive environment. With tailored strategies and consistent attendance, progress was quick.

Collaborative efforts from our therapists, Sam’s family, and educators were pivotal. What were once sessions characterised by cancellations and distractions soon became moments of focus and resilience. Sam began to navigate her challenges with a newfound confidence, inspiring those in her support circles.

Sam’s journey underscores the critical role of early intervention and tailored support for children with ADHD and developmental delay. By understanding their unique needs and providing a nurturing environment, we can make a meaningful difference in their lives, fostering a brighter future.


Personal details have been altered to protect participants privacy.