Revised Assistive Technology Guidelines

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In an effort to streamline and simplify the assistive technology process, the NDIS has created clear guidelines that explain how equipment, technology and devices are defined and funded. The revised Assistive Technology (AT) Operational Guideline is now presented in easy to follow sections that aim to make things easier for those using assistive technology services.

The breakdowns are as follows:

● What do we mean by assistive technology?

● What assistive technology do we fund?

● How can you get assistive technology in your plan?

● Can you get NDIS funding for things like repairs?

● What if you need to replace the assistive technology?

● What happens once you have assistive technology in your plan?

There is also new information regarding urgent repairs, AT rental and how the NDIS assess AT risk. The revised guidelines do not contain any changes to the NDIS Act or Rules.

As part of their commitment to making the Scheme more transparent and easy to understand, the NDIS are updating and rewriting their guidelines.

Please visit the following webpages should you need further information.

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