What is the RMReach telehealth platform?

The RMReach telehealth platform is a user-friendly, digital application which allows LiveBig qualified consultants to provide remote assessments, therapy and training services across Australia. Our goal is to ensure that vital therapy services continue – helping you, your family member or your client to achieve goals at a time and location that suits you.

The RMReach telehealth platform enables suitable service delivery, webinars, training, video demonstrations and virtual meetings through an easy-to-use online video conferencing and meeting application, Lifesize.

In the current environment where people are limiting face-to-face contact or for people in remote locations, the RMReach telehealth platform is an ideal digital, value-for-money alternative. Efficient and effective communication between therapists, people with disability and their support network has never been easier.

The RMReach telehealth platform can help you with:

  • Structured language and speech support
  • Reading and writing
  • Sensory integration
  • Individual capacity building
  • Social and conversation skills
  • Mealtime review assessments
  • Training and coaching for careers and support staff
  • Functional Assessments
  • Housing Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and Supported Independent Living (SIL) Assessments
  • Assistive Technology
  • Home Modifications advice

Does it work?

Our telehealth consultations have been a real hit. We continue to receive positive feedback from participants, parents and carers, who tell us the continuation of therapy through these difficult times is particularly helpful for maintaining skills and supporting resilience.

Is it suitable for me?

We recognise that telehealth isn’t always a suitable replacement for hands-on treatment and may not be appropriate for everyone. However, it’s essential to continue with therapy wherever possible. That’s why we work with each client to understand their telehealth preferences, review confidentiality issues and confirm accessibility to make sure the service is suitable.

Telehealth is an effective means of continuing therapy services and is recommended by the following highly recognised industry organisations:

  • National Disability Insurance Agency
  • Allied Health Professionals Australia
  • Occupational Therapy Australia
  • Australian Psychological Society
  • Dieticians Association of Australia
  • Speech Pathology Australia

How do I access the RMReach telehealth platform?

When booking appointments, your consultant will give you access to the RMReach telehealth platform via Lifesize and provide you with the necessary support to get connected. All you need is an internet connection and a phone, tablet or PC. The environment for your consultation should be set up similarly to the room you would normally use to meet your therapist. For longer-term therapy programs, LiveBig will assist with device access where possible.

What are the benefits?

  • Easy to use, feature-rich online application accessible from multiple devices (phone, tablet and PC)
  • Secure, real-time screen and content sharing
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Broad coverage for regional and remote areas
  • Greater accessibility and convenience for clients
  • Increased service frequency
  • More efficient service delivery time frames (leading to reduced duration of sessions)