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Children and the NDIS

A new approach to early childhood early intervention (ECEI) is being proposed which includes the following measures:

  • Developing new early childhood specific operating guidelines
  • Considering tailored independent assessments for young children
  • Increasing early childhood partner capacity to provide short term early intervention (STEI) support to eligible young children and families for longer
  • Clarifying the developmental delay criteria
  • Improving the existing review process.

Consultation with the community was completed in February and feedback is now being reviewed. It is expected the new ECEI approach will be implemented from late 2021.


Plan length

Participant plans are now enabled for up to three years. The ‘Light touch plan review’ process has been implemented, allowing participants to make minor changes to their plan without a Plan Review. The NDIS will now check in with participants between Plan Reviews, particularly those considered vulnerable or at risk.


Scheme affordability

As expected, the report includes a lot of discussion around the sustainability and affordability of the NDIS as it continues to grow. The NDIA and the government are currently considering a range of changes.

  • The introduction of independent assessments is on hold until the current pilot program is completed. It does however appear that the NDIA is committed to implementing this change.
  • Further development and support for Individual Living Options (ILO) as potential longer-term alternatives to Supported Independent Living (SIL).
  • Determining an overall package of supports rather than support line items, allowing participants to more flexibly use funding across support categories.
  • Developing new guidelines and information about what is considered “reasonable and necessary” for children on the autism spectrum.
  • Improving choice and control for all participants in line with the original intentions of the scheme, such as choosing your own providers.


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